In this chapter, we will study about Widget Management. Widgets are small blocks that perform specific functions. These give design and structure control to the WordPress theme. Some specific features of a widget are −

  • They help you add content and features.
  • They can be easily dragged and dropped in widget area.
  • They vary from theme to theme. They are not same for every theme.

Step (1) − Click on Appearance → Widgets.

WordPress Widget Management

Step (2) − The following screen showing available widgets appear.

WordPress Widget Management

The following functions appear on the page −

  • Available Widgets − You can use these to add into your sidebar main.
  • Inactive Sidebar (not used) − These are not used and can be removed permanently from the widget list.
  • Inactive Widgets − Removes the widgets from sidebar but keep it in the settings.
  • Sidebar Main − Any widget you add here will appear on your site.
  • Manage in Customizer − Takes you back to customization page.

WordPress Widget ManagementWordPress Widget Management

Step (3) − Drag and drop in the Sidebar Main. Any widget you add here, shows up on your site.