Getting likes from the posts that you publish are great, to a certain extent. It is now undeniable that social media is a viable method of marketing and a great way to grow your brand and generate more traffic and income for your business.


The great benefit of ‘likes’ on Facebook is that they are quantitative and verifiable means of measuring success of the content you are providing.

For example, when on your page you post links to a new blog article on your website you can gain important feedback on how good and relevant the blog articles are. The more engaging and enjoyable the article, the more likes, shares, and comments the post should get. It can also provide you with the important feedback on the topics to choose for your future blog articles.

Although it is not binary, there are both active and passive Facebook users. If you have a lot of passive Facebook users as fans, they may not like as many posts or engage in conversation through messaging. Attractive active Facebook fans like posts more and are much more likely to click on external links to your website — which, if the end goal is to get a sale on your site, could be make or break method in generating revenue.

Likes also lead to insights. These insights provide detailed data on the activity that the fans are making on your site. This can be important for market research. If you have an ecommerce platform, by posting links to different types of items, you can see what kind of products your fan base likes more and can utilize this in your marketing strategy.

Another benefit that Facebook likes provide is that they show legitimacy and build a trust factor linked to your page. When someone visits your page and sees that there is a lot of engaging activity coming from your users, they will be more likely to trust your brand, which can help shape the brands identification on Facebook.

Create FANS !

With over 1.55 billion active Facebook users each month, it is important for your business page to be able to tap in to your target market and start growing a fan base. Although this may be a daunting task initially, as the page grows in good content it should also increase in popularity.

Growing a solid fan base is important because −

  • It gives people a reason to trust you.
  • It is an indication of popularity.
  • The more fans you have; the more site traffic you should get.
  • It helps with your SEO strategy.

Once you have created your page, utilize your own personal network and add as many people as you can from your private Facebook page. You can also ask people in your closer network to share the page with their friends.

Create Fans

Add the Facebook Like Box Plugin to your website

Adding the Facebook Like Box Plugin to your website will benefit your business as it will −

  • Associate your website with your official Facebook page. This is a factor of SEO and helps in the identification and ranking of your Facebook page.
  • As you grow your Facebook fan base, a trust factor between the people and the website will be created.
  • It can help grow your Facebook page organically, without paid ads.

Share relevant content

We have written about this in more detail in the previous section of the tutorial. Having unique, engaging content gives a reason for Facebook users to become fans of your page. The more relevant the content is to your demographics, the more likely they will share it with their friends.

Create a blog or newsletter

Creating a blog or newsletter is a great way for people to follow you and share your page with friends who would be interested in what you have to offer. This is also a great option as it drives users to your website.


Be original

There are so many Facebook pages out there with SO MUCH content. In fact, there are five new Facebook pages and profiles being created every second. Try coming up with creative content that people will be interested in. Stay up-to-date with the changes taking place in the market of the industry you are part of. And, be at the forefront always. Let the people know about the new and exciting things that might interest them.

When you are looking to engage your audience, you need to ensure that you have content that will drive users to stay interested in your posts. Even if someone is a fan of your page, if they are not interested in your posts they can un-follow your posts from there news feed and will not see anything that you post.

Engaging Fans

Following are some tips on how to keep your fans engaged −

Headline of your post

Keep the headline of your post short and to the point. If you are looking to drive someone to a blog article with a link to the blog post, make the headline of the post the contention of the article. For example, an article relating to health and beauty tricks could be something like “10 health and beauty tips to keep you looking young and feeling good”. The aim of this statement is to drive more clicks, likes, comments or shares.

Keep a good range of different types of posts

When consistently all your posts bear the same look, it will be hard for your audience to stay engaged. Posts come in many different forms and styles. It is worthwhile experimenting to seeing what kind of styles your audience become more engaged in. These experiments can come in from −

  • Link posts
  • Asking your audience questions
  • Photo posts
  • Video posts

Have a brand identity that is stronger than the trending fads

When there is a trend in your industry, you can utilize it to create rich content. The people who are interested will definitely follow the trend. This is great because your users are likely to like, comment, share, and follow your posts as they will want to stay up-to-date. This can help you become an authority in the industry. But piggy backing on the trends is only temporary and if you want to ensure that once the popularity slows down, you need to have a strategy and brand identity in place that lasts much longer.


Express yourself in ways that your fans are most likely to relate with

The way you write your content plays a key role in users wanting to keep reading/following your posts. It is important to understand your fans and know what they find engaging. This could be by using certain terminology, emoticons, slang and photos that are in line with the demographic you are looking to get to follow your page.

Always check your Facebook analytics

Facebook analytics will provide you with the most important feedback you can get for your page. You will be able to see −

  • How many people engaged with your posts?
  • How many likes, comments and shares your posts got?
  • Which country your likes are coming from?
  • Which age groups liked your specific posts?

If you see a constant drop in engagement for a certain type of post, it will be an indication that you should start experimenting with different options to make that post type more successful.